Hong Kong ~ March 2017

While navigating through hundreds of Jade Market booths in Kowloon, it is challenging to pass by each of the vendors. Some are more aggressive than others, but they are all very eager to make a sale or multiple sales in most cases. The stands are nearly indistinguishable, so the passion and fervor of the stall keepers are what attracts a customer to their wares. They make promises of good luck, great fortune and long life with a myriad of amulets. Jade has the most significant of meaning to the Chinese; it is deemed a sacred stone that symbolizes wisdom, balance, and peace. In addition to the amulets, there are many jade accessories to choose from, including rings, bangles, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. So good luck and destiny can be adorned in different ways. And don't worry if your jade cracks or breaks, the sacred stone took a hit for you. So plan to buy several pieces to replace the ones that break.